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Friday Rehearsal Details

Friday 30th November @ 4.30pm

Full Dress Rehearsal Instructions


Venue –Eldon Hogan Performance Centre, Xavier College 135 Barkers Road Kew


1. Teachers:Please arrive at 4.30pm SHARP via the rear Stage Door entrance.

Students: Will need to arrive at the theatre between 4.15 -4.30pm and enter via the rear Stage door closest to the Charles St gate so we can start rehearsal at 4.30.

Please go directly back stage and sign in, drop off all of your bags and costumes in your dressing room and head back to the auditorium and find your class seats.

The bus will leave LFK at 3.20 sharp and arrive approximately 4.45 pm with staff and parents on board. Traffic is always very busy on Friday so please allow plenty of time to cross the bridge.

2. Please wear your green Concert T-Shirt, bow and black LFK bike shorts to rehearsal.

3. Don’t forget to bring your performance box (items listed on performance instructions notice) with all of all your checklists and accessories in, AS IT IS A FULL DRESS REHEARSAL.

Costumes and accessories can be left in your dressing room overnight.

4. Please bring all your costumes in, on named hangers and put accessories and jazz/tap or ballet shoes into your box as this is aFull Dress Rehearsal.

5. No make up or braided hairare required for this dress rehearsal.

6. Please name every item that you bring into the theatre.

7. Please bring a WATER bottle and something healthy & a non-messy snack. No food can be eaten in the theatre it must be kept backstage. The pre-ordered snack packs will be delivered to you. Snack packs can be ordered for rehearsal at LFK receptionLFK IS A NUT FREE ZONE

8. When you arrive please sign your name in at the stage door and someone will direct you to your dressing room, where you can place your performance box and hang up your costumes.

****Do not get changed into your costume yet****

9. Please make your way into the theatre and find the row of seats that have been allocated to your group and be seated. Please see the parent in charge of your class and get marked off the roll. There will be a quick intro on safety and regulations for our time at Xavier College.


1. The theatre Information Session starts at 4.45pm and everyone must be seated by this time.

2. We will run according to a rehearsal order which will be primarily younger students first. The rehearsal order will be in the foyer so you can get an idea of when your rehearsal will be.

3. After this the girls/boys may go back to the dressing room with their parent helper and get changed into their first costume. We will start the show from the opening act. After your child has had their rehearsal for one or all of their routines, you are very welcome to stay in the theatre and watch some of the other routines or you may go.

4. The girls /boys may then return to their seats in the theatre and watch the show.

A parent will come and collect them when it is time for them to do their next routine,

returning them to their seat when they have finished. Please check there is someone on duty from your class.

5. No one is allowed to wander around outside or in the schoolgrounds at any time.

6.Rehearsal will be lots of fun, which will motivate and prepare everyone for a great show.

7.We have the Theatre from 4.30pm – 10.00pm only so all girls from Year 8 and older and teachers please expect to stay for the whole time.

8. Parents can come through the stage door into the auditorium to collect their child and sign out with the parent in charge. Please leave via the loading door exit.

Approximate Pick up Times

Grade 1 & 2 is 6.30pm Approximately

Grade 3 and 4 is 8.00pmApproximately

Grade 5 and 6,7is 8.30pm Approximately

Approximate Pick up time for Grade 8-Seniors is 10.00pm


See you there

Tracy and teachers xxx

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