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Kinder Dance

LFK Dance & Gym's Kinder Dance classes, offers your pre-school child the opportunity to experience dance in fun and creative themed classes. 


It teaches the students to move to a rhythm, improves their memory skills and co-ordination.


Let your child dress up and enjoy movement to music from popular children’s entertainers such as Hi5, The Wiggles, The Fairies, Playschool, Active Kids and more.


Each week your child’s class will be structured with a different plan, with themes such as colors, shapes and emotions. Your child can come dressed as a fairy, princess, ballerina or in any of their favorite costumes!


Kinder Dance also helps your child develop skills that they will continue to use away from the dance studio such as leadership, group participation, good self esteem, memory, confidence, imagination, discipline and most importantly, the art of having fun!

and the Art of having Fun

Improve Memory Skills and


Ages 3-4


Kinder Dance classes are offered for ages 3 to 4 years old where foundation skills such as moving to rhythm, balance and co-ordination are learnt through a series of games and activities.


If you wish to book in a free trial or for more information on our Kinder Dance program please call (03) 9397 7766 or email us at

Ages 4-5


Our 4-5 year old classes are also involved in a Junior concert in Term 4 which introducing them to performing on stage and to get ready for our mainstream Dance program.

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