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Term 2 Dance and Kinder Dance Newsletter

Welcome back to Term 2, 2017- Term 1 flew by so quickly! We hope you all had a lovely Easter and a relaxing break, and that you are ready to work hard this Term, as all classes will begin concert routines and workshops. This year’s concert theme is based on ‘Colours’. This theme will create amazing imagery on stage and make for some very powerful and moving performances with every song having a colour in the title. We can’t wait to see what our clever teachers create for our talented students!! In the newsletter please see the concert dates below to put in your diary as well as some other important dates, and some other information regarding dancing here at LFK.

LFK Concert Dates

Friday the 24th of November- Dress Rehearsal

Saturday 25th of November -Evening performance 6pm (Grade 2-Seniors- inc. all ballet students)

Sunday 26th November- Morning Performance Junior Concert 11am (Kinder Dance, Prep-Grade 1)

Sunday 26th November- Afternoon Performance 2pm (Grade 2-Seniors - inc. all ballet students))

LFK Concert Venue: Xavier College Senior Campus 135 Barkers Road Kew

Other dates:

Saturday the 22nd of April- LFK Night Colour Run- LFK has a team running in one of Melbourne’s most interactive runs! Jump on the website and join the LFK team and come and get colourful with us! Everyone is welcome!

Tuesday 25th of April- ANZAC day we are CLOSED

Sunday the 25th of June - LFK’s Internal Gymnastics Competition

Monday the 12th of June- Queens birthday- we are OPEN.

Sunday the 6th- LFK’s Internal Dance Competition at Altona Theatre


Fees for Term 2 are now due. We will send out invoices to those who have not paid in week three of the term, so please see reception to view and settle your account. Fees can be paid over the phone by credit card or direct debit if you do not have a chance to come to reception between 9-7pm Monday to Friday. You are entitled to a 5% discount if fees are paid in full by Saturday the 22nd of April.

LFK Uniform

If you haven’t purchased the appropriate uniform for your child yet please aim to do so. Please make sure the correct uniform, including shoes, are worn, that students bring a water bottle and that hair is up and tidy for class. Any questions about the exact uniform please see the posters in the foyer or have a look on our website at the full uniform lists including pictures and pricing. We have new LFK dance compression leggings on their way for when that cooler weather hits so keep your eye out for those!

Costume deposits:

Week 5 of this term will see us distributing the costume deposit envelopes. These are designed to help you chip away at the final costume price for when the balance is due at the end of term 3. Please note that we require cash or cheque for these only and $50 is required for each dance class your child does. **Credit cards will not be accepted for deposits.

New to Dance at LFK:


We would like to welcome our new dance teachers for 2017! Ella Rawsthorne, Darcy Ward, Tash Mitchell, Emma-Kate Robinson, Tegan Brice and Anita Mills! Some of these talented teachers have just returned from touring china or the US and are seasoned dance industry professionals. Some also coach gymnastics or are currently students at Spectrum and Kelly Akers dance school, and one is a senior student here at LFK! We are very lucky to have all of them as a part of the LFK team. If you would like to know more about these teachers you can find their Bio’s on the wall in the foyer at LFK or on our website.

Projector and playback:

Another exciting new edition to LFK is the Projector screen and playback. During our time dancing in Disneyland, we discovered this system. It has the ability to film the students practicing a routine from the back of the room, and we can then pull down the screen and show students how they performed and ultimately assist with holistically enhancing their routines. This has been proven as a fantastic learning tool for technique and we are very excited to test it out this term.

Graffiti Wall:

Another exciting new addition is the graffiti wall upstairs, the one on this newsletter! This was inspired from our Dance tour to the US, were we were lucky enough to do a workshop with the LA Clippers. It has added a new, dynamic and fun feel to the upstairs studio! It looks awesome.


Finally we would like to introduce and welcome our two Dance Captains for 2017. Amber Kovach and Maeve Scollard have been selected to help facilitate the smooth running of the dance faculty at LFK, and be the middle ear between students and staff. They are excellent role models and dancers and will create a fantastic path for all of the younger dancers to dance along. Congratulations girls!

Please do follow us on all of the

multimedia platforms as we regularly post important information and host lots of fun events that we want you to be apart of! Our website has a lot of useful information including important dates, and we have the calendar in the foyer with dates for you also.

We are very excited for what this term will bring and thank you for your endless support in making LFK the community that it is! Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions about this years concert, or any of the events we have running at LFK over the next few months!


Tracy O’Hare


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