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Senior Concert Details



Venue -Xavier College Senior Campus - 135 Barkers Rd Kew

Saturday December 1st 12.30pm Senior Concert 1

Saturday December 1st 6.30pm Senior Concert 2


  1. All girls/boys will need to arrive via the Stage Door only, on the right side of Xavier’s theatre (see photo attached) and sign in on arrival. A Stage Door parent and security will be there at all times. Go straight to your assigned dressing room from Friday night and check in with the parent on duty.

  2. Please arrive at the theatre at 11.30am sharp, 1 hour before the show starts. The junior show finishes at 11.00am so we need everyone to leave so we can reset before you arrive. Please do not arrive any earlier as the junior show will not be finished unless you have a make-up or hairdressing appointment.

  3. Parents please do not stay backstage when dropping off your childif you are not on duty and are not wearing a backstage pass please leave backstage as soon as possible to avoid congestion and confusion.

  4. Girls please arrive with your hair and make–up already done or make an appointment with our make up artist or hairdresser at reception. Please wear your concert T-Shirt, bow and black LFK shorts to and from the theatre (no jazz shoes outside).

  5. Girls and boys must, at no time, walk around in the foyer, auditorium or outside in their costume. All performers must remain inside the theatre during the show and leave in their uniform T-Shirt.

  6. Security will notlet any parents in during the show or intermission or girls/boys out at any time for safety reasons and requests from Xavier College.

  7. Make-up is to consist of foundation-lipstick-blush (eye-liner and mascara optional). Please bring touch up make-up, hair spray, brush, pins and any extra items you may need for the second show. Please keep make –up age appropriate.

  8. 8.Please carry your costumes on a hanger, covered in plastic, and clearly named. We have new dance bags in the foyer for $19.95 to carry all your costumes and accessories ******Name every single itemyou bring to the theatre.

  9. 9.Bring all of the items you need in a named performance tub. This is a practical way to carry your things without rummaging through deep bags, as everything is visible. We suggest attaching your costume checklists to the inside of your box.

What to bring:

  • Performance Box

  • Costume Checklists

  • Costumes

  • Touch-Up Make-Up

  • Water Bottle

  • Plenty of healthy and non-messy snacks NO NUTS

  • Books

  • Games

  • Colouring books and pencils (Only)No textas or pens

**DVD’ s will be playing in the rooms for the younger children.


  1. The two senior shows will go for approximately 3 hours, plus a compulsory 20min interval, upon which refreshments are available for patrons at the Kiosk in the upstairs foyer. A glass of wine or a beer is available this year in the foyer limit 2 per person.

  2. Programs will be available before the show and at intermission and are a fantastic keepsake for the dancers. Every child’s name, photo and highlights of 2018 are in the programs.

**Please note flash photography and videos are strictly prohibited during the performances at this venue. A professional photographer will be taking photos throughout the performance and the show will also be filmed. A DVD and on stage and backstage photos will be available to purchase.

  1. Disabled access is available please do not hesitate to ask the XAVIER ushers for assistance.

  2. As you can imagine it is imperative that no one comes in or out without us knowing for safety and security reasons. Only parents on duty will have a backstage pass, which will be given to them on arrival and must be worn at all times. The children can be collected from their dressing room at the end of the show or older children can meet parents outside near the loading bay. Please ENTERvia the backstage door andEXIT via the door to the downstairs foyer to avoid congestion.

  3. Please speak directly to Tracy if your child has any medical needs so I can introduce you to the Nurse or first aider on duty and inform the parent in charge of the class. An action plan is required for every child who has any specific needs.


  5. Extra tickets can be purchased right up until the show at the kiosk, so invite more friends and family for a fantastic concert. ☺. The kiosk is open for drinks and refreshments before and during intermission for every show.

I hope the girls and boys are looking forward to an exciting week, after rehearsals the anticipation

builds and they can’t wait to perform. These are my favorite few weeks in a hard year’s work!

So excited about our LFK performances and the great weekend ahead.

Thank you so much for your support,

Love Tracy and teachers

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